Global Parental Regret: A Cross-Cultural Perspective on Child-Free Desires

A recent study conducted by YouGov, a prominent opinion research institute, revealed that approximately 20% of German parents regret having children and would choose a child-free life if given the opportunity. The survey included responses from 2,045 parents, with 19% of mothers and 20% of fathers expressing this sentiment.

There have been similar studies conducted in the USA that examine parental regret. One notable study, published in 2021, gathered data from 1,518 adults aged 18-74, discovered that nearly one-third (29%) of the respondents expressed a desire for either not having children or having fewer children than they currently do.

These findings emphasize that parental regret is not exclusive to any one country, but rather a phenomenon that can be observed across different cultures and societies. Like in Germany, it is crucial to address the underlying issues and provide more robust support systems for parents in the United States to help reduce the likelihood of regrets associated with having children.

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