Six Fascinating Facts About Walmart

Walmart, a name synonymous with affordable retail and a staple of American consumerism, hides a trove of intriguing and sometimes peculiar stories behind its creation and operation.

Mendoza, Argentina - January, 2020: Shopping cart on a parking lot in front of main entrance to Walmart supermarket outdoor on the street with no people. Big Walmart logo on blue background behind.
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1. Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart, embarked on his retail journey with a unique vision — to vend American-manufactured goods at the cost of foreign imports. This innovative strategy enabled Walton to provide an array of quality products at competitive prices, propelling Walmart to become a household name across the United States.

2. Walmart’s attempt to venture into the German market in the early 21st century didn’t quite end in a success story. Cultural misalignments, like the company’s insistence on enforced greetings and smiles from staff, along with some peculiar team-building activities, seemingly disconcerted the German populace. Consequently, Walmart couldn’t secure a foothold in Germany, leading to its withdrawal.

3. A rather unsettling fact is associated with Walmart’s employment practices from years past. The company came under scrutiny for taking out life insurance policies on its employees, benefiting from the payouts upon their demise. This controversial practice, grimly termed “Dead Peasant Insurance,” led to quite an uproar.

4. In the United States, Walmart’s reach is truly phenomenal. With 90% of the nation’s residents dwelling within a mere 10-mile radius of a Walmart outlet, its omnipresence is undeniable. However, this omnipresence doesn’t extend to New York City, where staunch opposition from local unions and politicians has kept the retail giant at bay.

5. Sam Walton, during the 1950s, would perform an aerial survey of his stores using a helicopter. This unusual method allowed him to count the parked cars and evaluate the performance of his stores.

6. In 2004, a landmark event occurred in Jonquière, Quebec, where Walmart employees took the initiative to unionize their local store. However, their success was short-lived. A mere five months later, Walmart pulled down the shutters on this outlet. The official statement cited dissatisfaction with the “business plan” put forth by the store, an event that sparked much speculation and debate.

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