Four Facts About Mexico City: A Capital of Contrasts

Beautiful top view of Bellas artes at night, Mexico City, Mexico
Beautiful top view of Bellas artes at night, Mexico City, Mexico
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Mexico City, a bustling metropolis rich in history and culture, holds many surprises beneath its vibrant exterior. From its rapid physical changes to its unique influence on popular culture, this city never ceases to amaze. Here are four fun facts about Mexico City that highlight its extraordinary character.

1. The Sinking City: Mexico City is experiencing a dramatic descent, sinking at an alarming rate of up to 50 centimeters per year. At this pace, it humorously faces a journey to the Earth’s core in about 12.6 million years – a challenging deadline for city planners trying to address this pressing issue.

2. The City That Named a Country: Contrary to what some might think, the country of Mexico actually derives its name from its capital, Mexico City. The connection extends further back in history; New Mexico was named ‘Nuevo México’ after the Aztec Valley of Mexico by Spanish settlers long before the nation of Mexico was formally established.

3. Life Imitating Art: The James Bond film ‘Spectre’ left a lasting impact on Mexico City with its depiction of a vibrant Day of the Dead parade. Prior to the movie, no such parade existed in the city. However, inspired by the film, Mexico City hosted its very own “Día de Muertos” parade, drawing an attendance of 250,000 people in its first year and becoming a new tradition.

4. A Home Away from Home: Mexico City boasts the largest population of American expatriates in the world. With estimates ranging up to 700,000, the city is a preferred residence for more Americans than the entire state of Wyoming, highlighting its allure as an international hub.

These fascinating facts about Mexico City showcase its dynamic nature – a city that’s both rapidly evolving and deeply rooted in its rich cultural heritage.