Jimmy Carter’s national…

Jimmy Carter’s national security adviser was once awoken to a report of 2,200 incoming Soviet missiles: a false alarm due to the malfunction of a 46 cent chip. He wanted further confirmation, and as he lay there in bed in the early morning hours, he decided not to wake up his wife, because if Washington, D.C., was about to be destroyed, he preferred that she die in her sleep. As he was preparing to call President Carter to talk about the American retaliation, and his military aide called back one more time [and] said it was a false alarm.

Berlin Wall: Frieda Schulze’s escape


Often, the border between West and East Berlin used to pass directly to homes. So, in most cases, the entrance was on the eastern side, and the windows looked out to the West. When building of the Berlin Wall started, many residents used to jump from the windows to the street, where they were caught by Western firefighters or just regular city folks.
The picture captured a similar case. 77-year-old Frieda Schulze tries to escape from the window of a house, which is located in the eastern sector of Berlin. East German secret service officers are seen in the windows, who are trying to pull her back.