Digestive Transit Time of Lego Heads: The FART Score Study

A group of six physicians designed a study in which each of them ingested a Lego head, with the goal of establishing the average transit time for an object frequently swallowed. Their findings were quantified and presented through a metric they humorously termed the ‘Found and Retrieved Time’ or ‘FART’ score. On average, the FART score calculated indicated that these objects took approximately 1.71 days to pass through the system.

Salisbury Steak: American Dish Inspired by European Tastes and Health Advocacy

Originating in the United States, Salisbury Steak was created to cater to the preferences of European immigrants and was named in honor of Dr. James Salisbury, an advocate of a meat-centric diet for improved health. Since 1897, the term “Salisbury Steak” has been associated with a main course featuring a ground beef patty.

James Salisbury, the creator of Salisbury steak, served as a physician during the American Civil War. He firmly believed that vegetables contributed to heart disease and mental health issues, and promoted the consumption of Salisbury steak thrice daily as a means of fortifying the body and facilitating weight loss.