Ingenious Fluid Mechanisms in Vintage Cars

During the 1960s, Volkswagen Beetles weren’t equipped with a pump for dispensing windshield washer fluid. Rather, they ingeniously utilized air pressure from the spare tire to perform this task. Vintage FIAT models, such as the 500 and 126, incorporated a rubber bulb on the dashboard, serving a similar function for washer fluid distribution. Moreover, the classic Porsche 356 had a unique approach with a rubber bulb placed on the floor, which could be activated by stomping on it.

One thought on “Ingenious Fluid Mechanisms in Vintage Cars”

  1. Until 1972 all mercedes used the bulb on the floorboard. It was like a turkey baster. When you pushed it, it shot fliud and when you released your foot is sucked in another load for the next time. there was also an electrical switch that ran the wipers while you held it down. By the way…. they seldom broke.

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