7 Surprising Facts About Everyday Kitchen Appliances

toasterEvery day, we rely on various kitchen appliances to simplify our lives, often taking for granted just how innovative and peculiar some of these gadgets can be. From high-tech juicers to refrigerators designed specifically for kimchi, these devices not only perform their intended functions but also hold some rather surprising facts that might just make you see them in a new light. Here are a few interesting facts about the kitchen tools we use every day.

1. Juicero’s Over-Engineered Juicer: Remember Juicero? This company released a $699 juicer that needed Wi-Fi, an app, and QR-coded produce packs that had to be scanned before use. Journalists discovered that squeezing the packs by hand yielded the same results as using the expensive machine. Not long after this discovery, the company closed down. Interestingly, the founder, Doug Evans, continued his ventures into eccentric health trends like “Raw Water” and now champions sprouts as a superfood.

2. Microwave Hazards: An unplugged microwave can retain enough residual electricity to be lethal, sometimes months after being disconnected. It’s crucial not to attempt repairs unless you’re trained to safely discharge the capacitor.

3. Korea’s Kimchi Fridges: In Korea, over 98% of households own a dedicated kimchi refrigerator, with some families even owning two. These specialized fridges are so popular that they’ve been ranked as the most desired household appliance in national surveys.

4. Dishwasher Origins: Tired of her china breaking during handwashing, Josephine Cochrane took matters into her own hands and invented the dishwasher. Her creation ensured that delicate dishes could be cleaned without the risk of damage.

5. Weather Forecasting Toaster: In 2001, Robin Southgate created a toaster that could burn the day’s weather forecast right into your morning toast, combining breakfast with a daily update.

6. Car Coffee Maker: The Hertella Auto Kaffeemachine, introduced in 1959 for the Volkswagen Beetle, was the first dashboard-mounted coffee maker. It even featured porcelain cups that attached magnetically to the brewer for added convenience.

7. Tea Time Power Surges: In England, the use of electric kettles causes significant spikes in power demand during halftime at football matches, as thousands simultaneously rush to make a cup of tea.

These facts reflect the quirky and innovative spirit of kitchen appliance design and usage. But what about you? What’s the one kitchen appliance you simply can’t live without?